25 Gorgeous Exposed Brick Wall Kitchen Designs You’ll Love

Our kitchen experts have gathered 25 of the best exposed brick feature walls in one place

Who doesn’t dream about having a gorgeous exposed brick wall in their home? Exposed brick brings a sense of warmth, character, and texture to a space. In our opinion a brick wall is one of the most versatile interior design features that works well in any space and with many decorating themes. Incorporating exposed brick brings character and raw charm into any interior space from your kitchen, living room or master bedroom.

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With so many different decorating themes, be it modern, traditional, eclectic or industrial – exposed brick is a timeless design trend and one that we can’t get enough of. From natural exposed brick walls to affordable design solutions like the growing popularity of exposed brick wallpaper, we’ve placed exposed brick kitchens at the top of our list of most loved home renovation ideas for this year.

Take a look at the latest exposed brick interior designs and find inspiration for your next home renovation.

Maintaining exposed brick walls

Country Living has listed three steps on how to best protect your feature wall before it’s too late.

1) First to help protect against humidity make sure you apply a sealant or acrylic-based paint to the exposed brick and mortar.

2) When dusting be sure to use only microfiber cloths or better yet your vacuum’s brush attachment.

3) For a truly deep clean, they recommend mixing just a little water with equal parts salt and mild dishwashing or castile soap. Scrub the paste onto the wall with a stiff brush and let sit for ten minutes. To finish, use a wet sponge and bucket of water to rinse the homemade solution off the wall.

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Stainless Steel Kitchen

Mirrored Stainless Steel

The whole set is made of AISI 304 steel, a biologically neutral metal that does not give off odor or release any substances into food

A Super Secret Hidden Kitchen by Studio Bazi

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The Vipp Shelter | A Pre-Fab Kitchen Concept and Human Charging Station in the Woods

The Vipp Shelter

The Vipp Shelter is a prefab home that can be drop shipped just about anywhere. Designed and manufactured by Vipp, the company best known for their over engineered — ultra luxury kitchen units, aimed to show off their fabrication prowess developed this half a million dollar pre-fab home nicknamed the ‘Vipp Shelter’ as luxury showroom and human charging station.

Vipp Shelter Drawing

Vipp’s legacy in steel work was put on full display in designing the Vipp Shelter. The 55 m2 steel pod wrapped in metal and glass is a livable design object dropped down in nature. The self-contained industrial chic unit costs $580,000—excluding freight and installation—and is delivered in two containers and does not offer customization.

“The objective was not to just make a house or mobile home ”

— Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer

The designers take an analog approach when creating an operational living space, a machine for living typology, which begins and ends with function. “If you are cold you heat up the fireplace centrally positioned in the shelter for an equal distribution of heat; if you are warm you slide open the parallel windows to create natural air-condition. By locating the house in the deep deciduous woods, we are able to take advantage of the leaves as sun shading in the summer months. In the winter, when the trees lose their leaves, the building’s black exterior absorbs sunlight and with the fireplace, there is a reduction in fuel consumption”.

Vipp is rooted in the manufacturing of industrial objects, so the term shelter is a typology that allowed the company to define this hybrid as a spacious, functional, and very livable ‘object’, and not just a house or mobile home.

The stoic shelter emerges as a rugged room framed by metal panels painted in a silent black that juxtaposes the clear windowed facade that cuts through the structure and sits comfortably as peaceful hideaway anywhere you want it.

Dimensions : 3m/11m/6m.
Living Space: family/living room 40 m2, hall 3m2, bathroom 6m2, 6m2 attic
Basement: 12-point foundation.Weight: 25 tons.
Heating: Fireplace (Spartherm, Various 2L-100h-4S).
Ventilation: Mechanical ventilation
Water: 120 litre hot water tank.
Insulation: 250mm glass wool acc.


Vipp kitchen is a modular concept. Designed as a series of building blocks; there are four types of modules: island, island with seating, wall and tall modules.

Each module can be built with predefined units of any choice.