Best Wall Paper Companies in Canada

What are the best wallpaper companies for your home in 2021

Are you looking for the best wallpaper companies and stand-out patterns for your next home decor project? Whether it’s covering a whole room or used to create an accent wall — knowing the right wall covering supplier can totally transform the look and feel of a room.

Our designers have listed the ultimate list of top 20 wall paper companies, design houses, and online retailers that you need to know about before buying wallpaper for your home.

1. Newwall | Born of a passion for sourcing distinctive and luxury wallpaper, NewWall caters to those who share an enthusiasm for the highest-quality designs, coolest trends in Toronto, historic prints and more.

2. York Wallcverings | For over a century, York Wallcoverings has been manufacturing wallpaper from the same factory location in the picturesque Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania. Today, York is the oldest and largest wallcovering producer in North America supplying residential wallpaper and commercial wallpapers and wall decals that can be found across 85 countries worldwide.

3. Woodchip & Magnolia | Nina is the creative force behind Woodchip & Magnolia, a design house famed for its striking one of a kind wallpapers, fabrics and bold fearless pattern. Aged just five she told her school teacher she was going to be a wallpaper designer and that’s exactly what she did. Fast forward 20 years Nina alongside husband Paul launched Woodchip & Magnolia with a determination to do things their own way. With an online showroom, her designs are available to order the minute they are unveiled online.

4. finest wallpaper | Daniel Twigis the founder & creative force of North America’s leading online wallpaper companies. Originally from the UK, Daniel has made his home in Vancouver, Canada, and personally chooses each delightful wallpaper design to feature in their online store. Daniel and his dedicated team strive to offer the highest level of service to our many customers in the US and Canada. All wallpapers are sourced from leading international brands,  we hope you enjoy browsing their awesome collections. 

5. Gucci Wallpaper | Discover a collection of wall papers from the luxury fashion brand GUCCI. Yes, Gucci capital G designs and manufacturers silk, vinyl, and paper wall coverings for the home. Explore their unconventional patterns from runway fashion pieces: Tiger, Floral and Decorative arts.

The best part of buying Gucci is enjoying their beautiful gift wrapping for each roll complimentary of Gucci House.

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