The Great Gold Kitchenette

Gold kitchens aren’t for everyone, but if you are looking for a luxurious and modern glistening place to do your food preparation and cooking, then you’re going to love this gold kitchenette designed for a small waterfront condo in downtown Toronto.

Our fabrication and installation team did a fabulous job in creating this golden kitchen hub that looks like something you can see in a 1920’s or 1930’s speak easy.

Simple and really functional, we hid all hardware and indicators, except maybe for the stove and the sink, that this was a typical kitchen so that the rest of the apartment could function as a social setting and without looking too domestic.

It is not instantly obvious, we have hid the fridge outside of the kitchenette masked with the surrounding walls – notice how plenty the space is for storage and cooking without the typical heavy fridge component. We believe that any person who loves living minimalist, but still wants to show personality would like to really be in this space.

One of a Kind Gold Kitchens

Whether you’re looking for a traditional kitchen or a one of a kind design, renovating the most popular spaces in your home needs the best ideas and complete understanding of design process.

Our mission is to educate and guide clients through the dynamic, complex and demanding process of the kitchen modernization industry while ensuring they have access to the best materials, contractors, and hardware. Have a look at these fantastic modern and luxury kitchen renovation ideas for your home.

The kitchen is the one room with lots of potential. Check out our design journal for more kitchen design ideas and kitchen cabinet colour options.


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