How to refresh your kitchen under $100

There are 3 key elements that would elevate your kitchen without breaking the bank. Sometimes we have to work with what we got – so why not freshen up your kitchen space with these options.

  1. Pedastal marble fruit bowl:

Simple and sculptural – This piece for $75.99 would be a great styling piece that would immediately elevate your kitchen space. It sets itself apart from the typical fruit bowl for its pedastal base. Great opportunity to style a fruit arrangement!

Initial Image

2. Dome pendant :

Another great opportunity to modernize your kitchen for $91.99. These would look great in clusters over the island and also add a nice dramatic effect to the overall space. The neutral tones would make this piece a timeless addition.

Initial Image

3. Stacked cutting boards:

Having a series of cutting boards ready for entertaining – is a must for any kitchen space. By layering various cutting boards you have a wonderful fresh styling prop that functions as a cheese platter. Starting at $32 … a small amount for such a dramatic change!

We would love to hear your thoughts – want other items would you add to spruce up your kitchen space ?

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